The Tomb - Egyptian Adventure

 "A visual spectacle, and a great Indiana Jones vibe"
"Great puzzle room and the room is impressively decorated"
"This room is one of our favourites. Really good puzzles to solve. Panic Room always make the rooms as authentic as they can."
"Great puzzles to solve and lots of fun playing in the sand!"

This epic immersive adventure will blow you away! Ever wanted to be like Indiana Jones and be in your own movie? This is your shot! 

Your mission will be breaking into an ancient Egyptian tomb to try and make a massive discovery. The situation takes a turn for the worse, you are trapped inside so you will need to work together to escape or become part of history. 

So explorers, can you escape The Tomb? Just remember...Don't Panic! 

HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDANCE: The entrance to The Tomb is through a crawl tunnel, if members of your party are uncomfortable with this there is an alternative access door to allow them into the game. There is a lot of sand in the room, please wear comfortable clothing you don't mind getting dirty. We are not responsible for any damage to your attire.