Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?
Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm

Can I buy Gift Vouchers?
Yes, simply go to:

Will it be just my group or will we be with other people?
This is your experience so if you book a room, no matter the number it will be just your group. 

Is it scary?
The Panic Room experience is nothing to be afraid of, there is absolutely no scares or live actors. Just you, your friends, 60 minutes and a mystery to solve! We are not a horror attraction!

What time should I arrive?
Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes before your booked session for your briefing and introduction.

Can I take a photo or record video in the room?
Please don't take pictures or record videos inside the room. Also please do not reveal any of the tricks, puzzles and solution to the public. It will spoil the game and their enjoyment.

What is the minimum/maximum team size for each game room?
Minimum is 2 players, maximum is 8 players.

I have 9 players, can we please still go in the room?
The maximum is 8 players, if you have more players then you will need to book multiple rooms.

How can I book?
You can book online via our website. Look in the menu above and click tickets to go to our Bookify ticket platform.

Is there an age restriction?
Age restriction is 10+

Is there wheelchair/disabled access?
Unfortunately due to our location in the building at this time none of our experiences are wheelchair accessible and those with crutches may have difficulty getting up the stairs to The Panic Room floor where the experience is held.

How long does the experience last?
The experience will last up to 90 minutes, this consists of 60 minutes of being in the room plus briefing and debriefing.

I have claustrophobia / anxiety, will I be ok in the room?
This will depend per person however we believe that most people will be fine, for health and safety the door is never locked so you may exit and re-enter at anytime. The room itself is pretty large so if you feel claustrophobia or anxiety may be an issue we would recommend booking with a smaller group. Alternatively, you can come to us before booking and check out the room before hand to decide if you are comfortable with it.