Have you ever wished to be part of your very own action or detective film? Well, look no further!

At The Panic Room we offer you the chance to make it all come true.

There are 60 minutes on the clock and the moment you step in time starts ticking!

Your goal is simple: Get out before you are out of time! Puzzles, challenges and clues are all around you. Can you and your team work together to uncover the secrets hidden within the hour? It's an awesome adrenaline rush and a fantastic way of spending time with friends, family or co-workers.

We currently have 3 different experiences to choose from, each can take 2-8 players. Don't panic though, when you book a room with us your group will be the only people in the room. It is 100% your private experience whether you are 2 or 8 players.

2 people - £40 Total
3 people - £57 Total
4 people - £70 Total
5 people - £80 Total
6 people - £87.50 Total
7 people - £95 Total
8 people - £100 Total